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IMSA Proud Partner

ESI RTSS is a Proud Supplier of IMSA supplying safety equipment
to the track services safety team

Chase 1 Porsche Cayenne carries the JYD Catch Cushion. This device is a large pillow-like device that is used in the recovery of a car that is found on its side or roof. The car is rotated onto the Catch Cushion that then safely and slowly lowers it to the ground on its wheels. The Catch Cushion can also be used on a rollover with a driver that is unable to exit the vehicle.

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The Catch Cushion offers an option to rotate the car and driver smoothly to facilitate safer driver removal. The Catch Cushion was conceived by JYD industries to aid recoveries in this same manner when a crashed car on the street is found in a precarious position. By rendering the car to a safer position, occupant removal is done much faster and safer. IMSA has used the Catch Cushion in both car rescues and driver rotation/removal phases.

Chase Trucks 3 and 4 both carry an Enforcer 30 CAFS system filled with Firebull A/B Fluorine Free Foam used in incidents requiring fire suppression. The 30 gallons of foam/water mixture is equivalent to 600 gallons of water. The system is set up with two 70 foot half-inch reeled hose lines and 50 feet of one-inch lay-flat hose line. The Enforcer system and Firebull foam provide quite a punch to suppressing fire.

The foam is rated for Class A, B, and D fires and lays a vapor barrier on fuel spills. The best quality is the Firebull foam’s ability to remove the thermal property of fire reducing heat immediately. This controls the immediate fire and the ability of heat to reignite fuels and other volatile products. All pressurized water extinguishers carried on all four Chase Vehicles are filled with Firebull foam products providing quicker and more IMSA Team Training effective fire suppression

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